Episode 72 – Syngman Rhee

In this episode, we examine the life and the political career of Syngman Rhee the first president of South Korea. We look at his early life as a revolutionary, his political leadership of South Korea during the early Cold War and his fall from power in 1960.  

Episode 71 – The Two Koreas 1953 -60

In this episode, we chart the development of the two different Korean societies after the Korean war from 1953-1960. We look at their political, economic and social development during the period and the contrast between the two societies.  

Interview Episode 4 – Agents Unknown

 Jeff interviews Michael Reiter and John Murphy of the movie Agents Unknown. What was it like to make the film? What makes Agents Unknown different from other Vietnam era documentary films? What do the film makers hope to accomplish with this documentary? Mike and John discuss these questions and more.        …

Episode 70 – Korean War At Sea

In this episode, we review the maritime aspect of the Korean war. We examine the different roles Navies performed during the war and how the Korean War influenced thoughts around Naval power in the decades to come.          

Episode 69 – Air War In Korea | Rain Of Fire

 In this episode, we review the end of the air war in Korea. We examine the effectiveness of the strategic and political bombing campaign against North Korea in the final year of the war.  We also review technological developments to come out of the air war in Korea and the war’s influence on the…

Episode 68 – Air War in Korea The Eagle and the Dragon

In this episode, we review the surprise introduction of the MIG 15 and the battle for air superiority in the new jet age. The US Air force attempts to stop the flow of supplies and reinforcements south and switches to night bombing after heavy losses. The air force also faces HR issues as a result…

Episode 67 – Air War in Korea | Great Expectations

In this episode, we review the early air war in Korea from June to November 1950. We examine US air force strategy before the war, the air force’s strained relations with the Army and Navy, along the with challenges the air forced faced in the opening months of the war.          …