Episode 66 – Armistice and Epilogue

In this episode, we review the last year of the war in Korea. How both sides attempted to influence the armistice talks through military actions. We also examine the accusation that the United States used biological weapons, the final negotiations of the war and the consequences of the war on the wider Cold War and…

Episode 65 – Stalemate and Negotiations

In this episode, we explore China’s last offensive to win the war and the opening of negotiations between the UN forces and the Communists. We also examine the contentious issue of POWs and how the issue extended the war.          

Episode 64 – A Tale of Two Generals

In this episode, we examine the fall of MacArthur and the rise of General Matthew Ridgway. We explore the events of the Korean War in the Spring of 1951 through their inverse relationship. Reviewing the change to us strategy in the period, China’s failed to push to win and the US counterattack to retake Seoul….

Episode 63 – China rolls the Iron Dice

This episode we examine China’s decision to take a series of gambles in response to the US. First Mao gambles on entry into the war, shocking the Americans and pushing them back to the 38th, followed by Mao’s gamble that the weight of Chinese forces could push the Americans off the Korean Penisula.    …

Episode 61 – Korean Blitzkrieg

This episode we examine the opening moves of the Korean War. The US enters the war and brings the issue to the United Nations. While North Korea attempts a Blitzkrieg campaign to win the war before the US arrives in sizeable numbers to stop them.                    …

Episode 60 – Who Started the Korean War?

In this episode, we examine the question of who started the Korean War. Was it a clever trap laid by the Americans to justify defense spending in the Cold War? A CIA backed plot that went wrong or a series of mistakes and musculation by the superpowers which resulted in war?        …

Episode 59 – Prelude to the Korean War

Join us as we began our examination of the Korean War. In this episode, we outline a brief history of Korea leading up to the outbreak of the Korean War. We also examine how the failed US occupation contributed to the origins of the war.