Episode 55 – Land Warfare 1945 -50

 In this episode we examine the weapons, strategy and tactics of the first five years of the Cold War. We look at advances in armor warfare and Guerrilla Warfare. We also examine tank development, the development of the AK 47 and more.                    

Episode 54 – Sino Soviet Alliance

In this episode we examine the rise and fall of the Sino-Soviet Alliance. One of the most important alliances of the Cold War. We explore how and why the alliance came to be and why it eventually split. We examine the role of its silent partners in the alliance the Nations of Eastern Europe and…

Episode 53 – Mao 1893 – 1949

In this episode we review the life of Mao Zedong one of the most controversial leaders of the twentieth century. Examining his life from his childhood and youth to his rise to power in the Chinese Communist Party.                    

Episode 52 – Chinese Civil War

In this episode we will examine the Communist victory over the Nationalists explaining how and why the Communists won. We will also examine the critical role that the United States and Soviet Union played in the closing stages of the war and how the Chinese Communist victory effected the wider Cold War and the shape…